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Discover Roseville by Visiting These 3 Attractions

Discover Roseville by Visiting These 3 Attractions

Roseville is quite the historical city, but it didn’t start out anything like it is today. Originally, this city was a settlement that was named Griders and once the train tracks were in place, the area was known as Junction. It wasn’t until 1906 that the name was officially changed to Roseville, yet it wasn’t deemed a city until three years later. This city has obviously expanded tremendously over the years, but there are some attractions there that can take everyone back in time to the good old days.

Here are 3 attractions everyone needs to visit when discovering Roseville:

1. The Carnegie Library Historical Museum

The Carnegie Museum can be found in the city’s first permanent library, which was constructed back in 1912. There are numerous exhibits and displays within this museum, but the largest one is dedicated to the trains that made this city what it is today. An entire room is filled with trains including an exhibit of what the town looked like when the railroad was first set up. Other displays include kitchen appliances, musical instruments, military items, and maps of Roseville from many years ago.

2. Roseville Telephone Museum

Telephones have changed immensely over the years and no one knows that better than the Roseville Telephone Company. This company was founded in 1914 and at that time, only one hundred and sixty people used their services. Fast forward to 1989, when no one could seem to live without a telephone, and the company decided that they needed to preserve the telephones of the past before they were forgotten completely. There is four thousand five hundred square feet within this museum, which is plenty of space for all types of telephones. They have everything from the original wooden box phones and pay phones to candlestick and rotary phones. Telephone enthusiasts will also love the novelty phones that are displayed by the dozens!

3. All American Speedway

The All American Speedway might not be a museum like the above two attractions, but it is still filled with just as much fascinating history. People have been racing cars at this track for years and fans have been filling the stadium seats to watch. Many of the races held at this track are now for the locals, but since it is an official NASCAR track, no one ever knows who may show up. There are different heats running on race day or race night, so everyone gets a chance to see their favorites go for the checkered flag.

These three attractions show the true Roseville, which is why they need to be on everyone’s list of things to see and do when they are in the area.

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