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Fantastic Family Activities in Roseville

Fantastic Family Activities in Roseville

Roseville is quite the family friendly city, which means that it is the perfect place for families of all ages to spend time together as they experience fun and thrilling adventures. Since the weather is almost always beautiful in this city, families can spend as much time as they want outside, or they can plan a day or evening inside, as they try to escape the intense heat or cooler temperatures depending on the season.

Here are 4 fantastic family activities in Roseville:

1. Attend a Performance at the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy

Every year, the Roseville Theatre Arts Academy has numerous shows for people to watch. The current season has performances that include Newsies, Peter Pan, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, Singin’ in the Rain, and Junie B Jones the Musical. While every family will love watching any of these, some children may envision themselves up on the stage performing in one of them as well. That is possible with this theater academy and they hold auditions throughout the year for those who wish to perform in one of their upcoming shows.

2. Have Some Fun at Royer Park

Royer Park offers plenty of space to families who like to run around having fun! There are two different playgrounds, as well as a baseball field, soccer field, and tennis courts for all those impromptu games. Everyone will want to pack a picnic lunch or a snack, so that they can extend their stay a little, and the perfect place to enjoy it is down by the small stream.

3. Get Some Exercise at Maidu Regional Park

This park is another fantastic option for families who want to be outside enjoying the fresh air and it offers even more options than Royer Park does. Families that go to Maidu Regional Park can ride bikes along the paths, utilize the skate park, or play on any of the playgrounds. There are also basketball courts, softball fields, and soccer fields to run around on.

4. Have a Blast at Golfland Sunsplash

Families will have a blast at Golfland Sunsplash, although, they may not be able to do everything that they want in just one day! Guests can begin their day on one of the two miniature golf courses before venturing over to the video arcade, bumper cars, or laser tag arena. Once the afternoon sun hits the skies, families will find themselves heading to the water that flows down the numerous water slides or the cool water of the wave pool.

Families always find themselves having so much fun when they are in Roseville and there are even more things for them to do in addition to these four amazing activities.

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