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Things to Do in Roseville, CA

Experience the Best that Roseville Has to Offer

The city of Roseville can be found in Placer County, which happens to be near Sacramento in the state of California. The weather in this area is hot and dry during the summer months and cooler and sometimes wet during the winter, which makes it the perfect place to go out and experience everything that can be found there.

Here are 4 things that everyone should do when they are in Roseville:

1. Visit the Maidu Museum and Historic Site

Everyone will love the opportunity to wander through this museum as they go from one interactive exhibit to the next. Each one focuses on the life, traditions, and culture of the Nisenan Maidu, which was a group of people who lived in the area for thousands of years. Once visitors are finished inside the museum, they can venture outside to walk along the trail to see carved petroglyphs and numerous cultural landmarks.

2. Visit Blue Line Arts

This art gallery has been around since 1966, but it was known by another name back then. The name was changed to its current one in 2013 when the gallery celebrated its five-year anniversary of moving into its current five thousand square foot space. The exhibits within Blue Line Arts change quite often, so everyone will see something new each time they visit. The gallery also hosts different events throughout the year, which is great for those who are intrigued by the world of art.

3. Miners Ravine Trail Loop

Roseville has so many beautiful days throughout the year, which is why many people will choose to spend their time outside when they are in this wonderful city. The Miners Ravine Trail Loop is an excellent option for those who want to walk from the downtown area over to the Miners Ravine Preserve, as well as those who do not want to venture too far from the city for some time out in nature. The trail is not completely finished yet, but it is simple to get from one section to the next by taking a couple of the side streets in the area.

4. Go Antique Shopping

There are plenty of antique stores in Roseville, but one of the best is Antique Trove. Anyone who wants to spend part of their time in the city looking for rare antiques will most likely find exactly what they are looking for within the forty thousand square feet of that store. There are more than two hundred and fifty people who have items available for sale at this location, and they sell everything from salvaged décor and metal sculptures to stoneware and garden furniture.

There are plenty of things for everyone to do when they are in Roseville, but the four items listed above must be on everyone’s itinerary to get them started. Once they have completed these, they can then tackle some of the other items on their list.

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